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What we offer…

The latin word Auxilium means help and support. This is what we would like to give to our clients. The core element for this is our Back Office Software Platform, a cloud based software solution for private persons, tour operators, travel managers and anyone who needs charterflights. Our service portfolio ranges from charterflights, schedule flights and Catering up to Charterflights for Cargo. The service is increasing and you can already take advantage of the services of our partner companies.


Flight Details (like Movements, Handling Agents, Specials) are stored for two years in order to give immediate information to the client if some details are needed for future flights or information for passengers.

Our Work Flow


Charter Request

After receiving yourt charter request we put all details in our back office software. The software is using speacial parameters in order to find the right solution for our clients. According Airlines will be contacted by EMail or SITA regarding availability and price. After this you will receive a detailled offer with informations like Airline, Aircraft Type, number of seats available, Dates and Routing as well as flighttimes.

Contract System

If you take one of the offers, you can choose if you want to contract diretly with the airline or contract directly with us. This will make no difference. 

After contracting you will receive all flight details like Flight Number, Handlin Agents at the airpoirt, Check-in Area and a passenger list template. One of our staff members will be at the airport to assist. As an option we will have a staff member on the flight as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions regarding our products and the three main questions are answered here

What kind of aircraft can we charter?

Our aircraft portfolio ranges, from small propeller aircraft to Airbus A380 as well as a wide range of helicopters.

How do you guarantee availability?

Security & Data Availability


Do you have an staff onsite the airports?

Yes we have.

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