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About us

Roel Schaart, Holger Rathje and Pieter du Plessis established Auxilium Global Services®. What began as an idea has now become a web based coaching platform called Coaching Logic® which will make the life of our coaches and business academies easier as their services could eben deen delivered with more superior quality and value.

Our purpose is an essential part of who we are, who we have been, and who we will be for generations to come.

Together with our client’s needs and feedback we developed Coaching Logic® to a very useful tool in coaching and project management, which helps to manage the very day workflow.

This means e.g. action plans are kept in existence, communication and support are regular and fluid, inspiration and clarity is documented and forward progress is measured.

All users are more engaged, means they follow with greater regularity, get more results and at least find a greater appreciation for the value provided by the coaching.

Coaching Logic®, the system for supporting actual progress and demonstrating real results.

Roel C. Schaart


Roel is an international Resultcoach for one of the most important coaching companies in the United States. His strong business background, passion for information technology and the drive to help other people makes him a key player for Auxilum Global Services®.

Holger Rathje


Holger studied Geography and his passion for information technology makes him an important member for Auxilium Global Services. His long experience as a CEO in international affairs is one of the core elements which made Coaching Logic to one of the leading, most innovative, companies for coaching applications.

Pieter du Plessies


Pieter studied Actuarial Science which lead him into a career in the financial industry. With this experience and his talent for technology he developed himself into a world class developer of industry wide financial software. His passion for developing great technology then lead him to join the Coaching Logic team and help develop the system to world class levels.