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Coaching means delivering high-performance measurable results. It is a complex process, typically requiring a best business partnership with customers and coaches.

Historically, the coaching process has been more a coach-oriented focus, rather than based on a more systematic approach.

What the current high quality, results-oriented single coaching approach needs, is a more centralized reporting system, Key Measurement System and greater standardization to improve outcomes for customers and coaches alike. The goal is always to give our customers a comprehensive experience with the most user-friendly coaching software on the market. We have now developed the next generation of coaching management software, which manages the entire coaching process online.

Key pain areas that motivated the development of the

Next-Generation Coaching Solutions…

Lack of measurable outcomes and Key Measurement System for coaches, customers and departments


Lack of quick reports to meet the needs of customers and internal staff

Loss of money caused by time-consuming tasks and complicated systems

Customers being overwhelmed at the initial demands placed on them

Solutions we offer:

CoachingLogic® is a simple to use, straight-forward coaching business application that includes coaching control, quality services and greater value to your customers. Once logged into any part of the system, access to coaching, reports, messages, schedule coaching sessions and questionnaires, etc. is easy for all those involved. CoachingLogic® replaces the multitude of uncontrolled, Key Measurement System reports with a centralized web-based system that enables streamlined sharing with your customers.

Coaches enter their findings against customer-defined answers to produce, Key Measurement System and other user-to-user reports. All findings are tracked with the status until they are closed out, maintaining a complete coaching history throughout the coaching process. The application will maintain all the activity history and it will be maintained in graphical tree manner. Coaches can track coaching sessions scheduled with clients, measure them and create their own reports.

The application has a theme management facility where clients and coaches can change their own layout to establish their own look & feel.

Coaching Logic

“Coaching Logic” allows your coaching
clients to manage quality assurance and
business performance initiatives throughout
their organization – cost effectively

4 of the top purposes

Achieved with CoachingLogic


Clear, Key Measurement System reporting

Clear tracking for increased customer sales



Plan and document projects for your coaching clients

An easy platform for coaches and consultants

Track your coaching sessions and know when your next session is scheduled

Sharing documents and measure progress with your clients

Integrated features…


Centralized repository for your questionnaires


Custom template management


Anytime project status tracking


Track coaching sessions and know your next session scheduled available for coach and client


Real-time assignment of tasks to customers


Automated system notifications


Sophisticated project analysis using a powerful reporting generator


Coach session history / record archiving


Multi-user access


Clearly measurable increases in customer sales


Custom theme management


System efficiency reduces internal cost


Graphical tree to see coach, client action history


CoachingLogic® is one of the core elements of a coaching suite which gives you complete control over your coaching process and allows companies to become more competitive, more profitable, and able to achieve and maintain compliance at a lower cost than other systems. Take yourself to the next level and register online at

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