Coaching Research in Practice: Phone coaching or face to face – which is more effective?

This article is written by recipro-coach A Weber:

The most important distinction: Phone coaching can be equally effective as face-to-face coaching.

If you’re a regular Coaching Research in Practice reader, you’ll know that usually I examine one research paper, pull out the learning and make a few research-based suggestions for practice. This month however taking a different approach and drawing on several pieces of research to help us understand the difference in efficacy between face-to-face and phone coaching.

The relevance of this topic emerged from our last issue of ReciproCoach Lessons from the Field, which stimulated a valuable discussion on LinkedIn , plus several responses to our poll. In one of these discussions, a UK ReciproCoach pointed us in the direction of some research, and once I got on that scent, I followed the tracks! Here’s what I found out.